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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The EU-ASEAN relationship : cooperation on non-traditional security threats between discourse and practicePennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria
2020Reconciling pragmatism with idealism in the European Union's security cooperation with ASEANPennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria
2020Security cooperation in and with Asia : towards a pragmatic turn in the EU’s security policy?Pennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria
2013Are non-traditional security challenges leading regional organizations towards greater convergence? The EU and ASEAN security systems in comparative perspectivePennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria
2015Building the ASEAN Center for humanitarian assistance and emergency response : is ASEAN learning from the experience of the European civil protection mechanism?Pennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria
2021EU trade policy : principles versus pragmatism. The cases of Vietnam and CambodiaPennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria
2022Building resilient supply chains in uncertain times : a comparative study of EU and ASEAN approaches to supply chain resiliencePennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria; Chen, Xuechen
2015The ASEAN regional security partnership : strengths and limits of a cooperative systemPennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria
2019United States and European Union evolving approaches in Southeast Asia : moving closer to convergence or divergence?Pennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria
2016Dealing with natural disasters : risk society and ASEAN : a new approach to disaster managementPennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria