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Title: In-field entanglement distribution over a 96 km-long submarine optical fibre
Authors: Wengerowsky, Soren
Joshi, Siddarth Koduru
Steinlechner, Fabian
Zichi, Julien R.
Dobrovolskiy, Sergiy. M.
Molen, Rene van der
Los, Johannes W. N.
Zwiller, Val
Versteegh, Marijn A. M.
Mura, Alberto
Calonico, Davide
Inguscio, Massimo
Hubel, Hannes
Zeilinger, Anton
Xuereb, Andre
Ursin, Rupert
Keywords: Optical fibers
Telecommunication systems
Fiber optics
Cables, Submarine
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Cornell University
Citation: Wengerowsky, S., Joshi, S. K., Steinlechner, F., Zichi, J. R., Dobrovolskiy, S., van der Molen, R., ... & Calonico, D. (2018). In-field entanglement distribution over a 96 km-long submarine optical fibre. arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.00583.
Abstract: Techniques for the distribution of quantum-secured cryptographic keys have reached a level of maturity allowing them to be implemented in all kinds of environments, away from any form of laboratory infrastructure. Here, we detail the distribution of entanglement between Malta and Sicily over a 96 km-long submarine telecommunications optical fibre cable. We used this standard telecommunications fibre as a quantum channel to distribute polarisation-entangled photons and were able to observe around 257 photon pairs per second, with a polarisation visibility above 90%. Our experiment demonstrates the feasibility of using deployed submarine telecommunications optical fibres as long-distance quantum channels for polarisation-entangled photons. This opens up a plethora of possibilities for future experiments and technological applications using existing infrastructure.
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