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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Economic potential and development prospects of small businesses in rural areasSycheva, I. N.; Ovchinnicov, Y. L.; Voronkova, O. Yu.; Akhmetshin, E. M.; Kolmakov, V. V.; Vasilieva, A. G.
2018Economic mechanism of regulating land relations in the agricultural sector of RussiaVoronkova, O. Yu.; Akhmetshin, E. M.; Sycheva, I. N.; Shpakova, R. N.; Pashkova, E. Yu.; Poltarykhin, A. L.
2018Directions to improve economic efficiency of regional productionSycheva, I. N.; Voronkova, O. Yu.; Vorozheykina, T. M.; Yusupova, G. R.; Semenova, A. N.; Ilyin, A. E.
2018Economic and political fundamentals for the establishment of the cabinet-owned metallurgical complex in Siberia in the 18th centuryKontev, A. V.; Konteva, O. E.; Kremneva, A. V.; Voronkova, O. Yu.; Poltarykhin, A. L.; Zhuravlev, P. V.
2018Formation of zonal agro-eco clusters as a mechanism for the development of rural areasVoronkova, O. Yu.; Sitnov, A. A.; Kashirskaya, L. V.; Marchuk, V. I.; Kudinova, M. G.; Sycheva, I. N.
2018Formation of human capital as a key factor in ensuring the national security of agriculture in the digital economyKuznetsova, Kuznetsova, Irina G.; Voronkova, O. Yu.; Bakhvalov, Sergey Yurevich; Ruiga, I. R.; Zhuruli, G. N.; Levichev, V. E.
2018Organizational and economic transformations towards the greening of agro-industrial productionVoronkova, O. Yu.; IslamutdinovŠ°, D. F.; Gordeyeva, O. G.; Frolova, I. I.; Fedulova, I. V.; Zhminko, A. E.
2018Development of human capital in the system of economic categories of workZhuravlev, P. V.; Epishkin, I. A.; Chernukhina, G. N.; Zavyalov, M. V.; Varlamova, V. V.; Voronkova, O. Yu.