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Title: Patients' rights : the lay perspective
Authors: Xuereb, Cecilia
Keywords: Physician and patient -- Malta
General practitioners -- Malta
Patients -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- Malta
Medical ethics -- Malta
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Bioethics Consultative Committee
Citation: Xuereb, C. (2000). Patients' rights : the lay perspective. Patients' rights, Reproductive technology, Transplatation, Malta. 30-35
Abstract: The doctor-patient relationship was historically based on trust rather than on monetary considerations. The family doctor, or the village doctor was a friend, a counsellor, a person of authority, a person to be honoured. The Welfare State brought about with it the socialisation of medical attention, and the right to proper medical care is nowadays recognised as part and parcel of the most fundamental human rights. The State which has the widest resources at its disposal and which is funded by the people's taxes has the obligation of providing the best kind of medical and health services, both therapeutic and preventive, that it possibly can. As a result, a consumerist mentality entered the medical field. The doctor became only one of the many and various social workers serving in dependence on, or in collaboration with insurance groups and social agencies and the patient became a consumer expecting high quality service. Health care is only one factor of the market economy.ln many countries, this has resulted. in the depersonalisation and in the dehumanisation of medical services.
ISBN: 9990999317
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