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Title: Auxetic biomedical devices
Authors: Casha, Aaron
Gauci, Marilyn
Gatt, Ruben
Grima, Joseph N.
Keywords: Materials -- Mechanical properties
Finite element method
Rotational motion (Rigid dynamics)
Biomedical engineering
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Task Publishing
Citation: Casha, A., Gauci, M., Gatt, R., & Grima, J. N. (2011). Auxetic biomedical devices. 8th International Workshop on Auxetics and Related Systems AUXETICS’11, Szczecin. 103.
Abstract: This paper deals with the applications of auxetic materials in the field of medical devices and looks at the application of auxetics within patients or applied to patients and to devices that are used in the medical field. In particular the use of auxetic materials with biomedical sensors, mattresses, surgical wire sutures, surgical non-slip braided suture material, dilator devices for coronary angioplasty, origami-type surgical stents, dental floss, smart filters, smart dressings, patches to release topical medication and auxetic artificial intervertebral discs is discussed. The exponential increase in patents granted worldwide for applications of auxetic materials indicates that future developments in this field will be exciting especially in biomedical applications.
ISBN: 9788393054947
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