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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Exploring emotions on wine websites : finding joyTreen, Emily; Ferguson, Sarah Lord; Pitt, Christine; Vella, Joseph M.
2012Perceived performance, equity sensitivity and organisational commitment among bank managersVella, Joseph M.; Caruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland F.
2013Organizational commitment and users’ perception of ease of use : a study among bank managersVella, Joseph M.; Caruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland F.
2017Financial services apps : what makes the difference between a great and a ghastly review?Vella, Joseph M.; Wallstrom, Asa; Farshid, Mana
2012The effect of behavioural activation and inhibition on CRM adoptionVella, Joseph M.; Caruana, Albert; Pitt, Leyland F.
2016Using an aesthetics and ontology framework to investigate consumers’ attitudes toward luxury wine brands as a product category : evidence from two countriesStiehler, Beate E.; Caruana, Albert; Vella, Joseph M.
2020The relevance of UTAUT and UTAUT 2 to online gambling intentions : an abstractKonietzny, Jirka; Caruana, Albert; Cassar, Mario L.; Vella, Joseph M.
2019The serious side to funny cartoons : understanding public perception of wine through cartoon content analysisMatheson, Kristin; Plangger, Kirk; Kietzmann, Jan; Vella, Joseph M.; Grant, Philip
2019Social media influence on the B2B buying processDiba, Hoda; Vella, Joseph M.; Abratt, Russell
2018Corporate greed : its effect on customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation among bank customersCaruana, Albert; Vella, Joseph M.; Konietzny, Jirka; Chircop, Saviour