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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09-01From climate perception to action : strategic adaptation for small island farming communities : a focus on MaltaGaldies, Charles; Galdies, Johann
2015-12Potential future climatic conditions on tourists : a case study focusing on Malta and VeniceGaldies, Charles
2015-12Global environmental change : economic and labour market implications for small island territoriesBaldacchino, Godfrey; Galdies, Charles
2018-03-22Photometric observations of main-belt asteroids 1637 Swings, 10498 Bobgent, and (25980) 2001 FK 53Brincat, Stephen; Galdies, Charles
2018Application of the Coastal Hazard Wheel to assess erosion on the Maltese coastMicallef, Stefan; Micallef, Anton; Galdies, Charles
2015A spectral and morphometric analysis of a small lunar dome complex blanketed by ejecta in Euclides-J regionGaldies, Charles
2019-01Future climate change impacts on Malta’s agriculture, based on multi-model results from WCRP’s CMIP5Galdies, Charles; Vella, Kimberly
2019-01Photometric observations of asteroids 232 Russia, 1117 Reginita and (11200) 1999 CV121Galdies, Charles; Brincat, Stephen; Grech, Winston
2019-01Awareness, knowledge and behaviour of the Maltese population in relation to the global solar ultraviolet index (UVI)Busuttil, Roderick; Galdies, Charles; Cacciottolo, Joseph
2019-07-01Rotation period determination for 3157 Novikov - addendumMarchini, Alessandro; Papini, Riccardo; Banfi, Massimo; Salvaggio, Fabio; Bachini, Mauro; Galdies, Charles; Brincat, Stephen