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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Validation of a Polymerase Chain Reaction technique for Kidd blood group genotypingXuereb, Karl; Debono, Jesmond; Borg, Joseph J.
2012Relevance of pharmacogenomics for developing countries in Europe : implementation in the Maltese populationMitropoulou, Christina; Grech, Godfrey; Fenech, Anthony G.; Borg, Joseph J.; Mitropoulos, Konstantinos; Vozikis, Athanassios; Patrinos, George P.
2022Routine omics collection is a golden opportunity for European human research in space and analog environmentsCope, Henry; Willis, Craig R. G.; MacKay, Matthew J.; Rutter, Lindsay A.; Toh, Li Shean; Williams, Philip M.; Herranz, Raul; Borg, Joseph J.; Bezdan, Daniela; Giacomello, Stefania; Muratani, Masafumi; Mason, Christopher E.; Etheridge, Timothy; Szewczyk, Nathaniel J.
2021Novel leukocyte-depleted platelet-rich plasma-based skin equivalent as an in vitro model of chronic wounds : a preliminary studySeria, Elisa; Galea, George; Borg, Joseph J.; Grech, Gabriella; Felice, Alexander; Schembri, Kevin
2009Variants within protectin (CD59) and CD44 genes linked to an inherited haplotype in a family with coeliac diseaseVidal, Christopher; Borg, Joseph J.; Xuereb-Anastasi, Angela; Scerri, Christian A.
2019Determining the frequency of colton blood group antigens Coa and Cob in the Maltese populationSutton, Gabriella; Debono, Jesmond; Borg, Joseph J.
2014-05A mutation in the LRP4 gene is associated with bone mineral density in Maltese postmenopausal womenFormosa, Melissa Marie; Borg, Joseph J.; Bezzina Wettinger, Stephanie; Farrugia, Rosienne; Xuereb-Anastasi, Angela
2011Recommendations for genetic variation data capture in developing countries to ensure a comprehensive worldwide data collectionPatrinos, George P.; Al-Aama, Jumana Yousuf; Al-Mulla, Fahd; Borg, Joseph J.; Devereux, Andrew; Felice, Alex; Macrae, Finlay A.; Marafie, Makia J.; Peterson, Michael B.; Qi, Ming; Ramesar, Rajkumar S.; Zlotogora, Joel; Cotton, Richard G. H.; Al Aqeel, Aida
2010Haploinsufficiency for the erythroid transcription factor KLF1 causes hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobinBorg, Joseph J.; Papadopoulos, Petros; Georgitsi, Marianthi; Gutierrez, Laura; Grech, Godfrey; Fanis, Pavlos; Phylactides, Marios; Verkerk, Annemieke J.M.H.; van der Spek, Peter J.; Scerri, Christian A.; Cassar, Wilhelmina; Galdies, Ruth; van IJcken, Wilfred; Ozgur, Zeliha; Gillemans, Nynke; Hou, Jun; Bugeja, Marisa; Grosveld, Frank G.; von Lindern, Marieke; Felice, Alex; Patrinos, George P.; Philipsen, Sjaak
2011Erythroid phenotypes associated with KLF1 mutationsBorg, Joseph J.; Patrinos, George P.; Felice, Alex; Philipsen, Sjaak