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Title: Testing for stochastic convergence : the case of the Cohesion countries
Authors: Chapsa, X.
Athanasenas, A. L.
Tabakis, N.
Keywords: Cohesion Fund (European Commission)
Income distribution -- European Union countries
Gross domestic product -- European Union countries
Economic development -- European Union countries
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Chapsa, X., Athanasenas, A. L., & Tabakis, N. (2018). Testing for stochastic convergence : the case of the Cohesion countries. European Research Studies Journal, 21(2), 38-47.
Abstract: In this paper, the issue of income convergence in the EU-15 is addressed. Our data set consists of annual log real GDP per capita for the four Cohesion countries and cover the period 1950-2007. The empirical part of the paper applies complementary the Bernard and Durlauf (1995) and Nahar and Inder (2002) methodology. Applying the former, we failed to accept the hypothesis of stochastic convergence of real per capita GDP of the four Cohesion countries towards the EU-15 average. In contrast, the Nahar and Inder test provides strong evidence of convergence for Spain, Portugal and Greece.
ISSN: 11082976
Appears in Collections:European Research Studies Journal, Volume 21, Issue 2

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