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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An R script to facilitate correspondence analysis. A guide to the use and the interpretation of results from an archaeological perspectiveAlberti, Gianmarco
2019La cronologia del Bronzo Medio in Sicilia : sintesi, problemi, e prospettiveAlberti, Gianmarco
2018Correspondence analysisAlberti, Gianmarco
2013Making sense of contingency tables in archaeology : the aid of correspondence analysis to intra-site activity areas researchAlberti, Gianmarco
2019-10-04movecost : sn R package for calculating accumulated slope-dependent anisotropic cost-surfaces and least-cost pathsAlberti, Gianmarco
2008La ceramica eoliana della facies del Milazzese : studio crono-tipologico e culturale sulla base dei dati editi da Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina (in Italian with English summary)Alberti, Gianmarco
2013Issues in the absolute chronology of the Early-Middle Bronze Age transition in Sicily and southern Italy : a Bayesian radiocarbon viewAlberti, Gianmarco
2022Bringing about the data revolution in development : what data skills do aspiring development professionals need?Bennett, Rachel; Alberti, Gianmarco; Çibik, Aytekin; Eremenko, Tatiana; Formosa, Saviour; Formosa Pace, Janice; Jiménez-Buedo, María; Lynch, Kenneth; Salazar, Leire; Ubeda, Paloma
2011Radiocarbon evidence from the Middle Bronze Age settlement at Portella (Aeolian Islands, Italy) : chronological and archaeological implicationsAlberti, Gianmarco
2018Correspondence analysis and the Freeman–Tukey statistic : a study of archaeological dataEric, Beh; Lombardo, Rosaria; Alberti, Gianmarco