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Title: Three years later : the record of implementation
Authors: Warrington, Edward
Keywords: Public service commissions -- Malta
Public administration -- Malta
Administrative agencies -- Reorganization
Administrative agencies -- Malta
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy
Citation: Warrington, E. (1993). Three years later : the record of implementation. Economic and Social Studies (New Series), 6, 151-167.
Abstract: The record of post-war administrative reform in other countries is hardly a reassuring guide to the outcome of the Commission's work in Malta. In the growth years of the 'sixties and 'seventies, public complaints about bureaucratic inefficiencies did not erode public complacency about 'big government'; the security and the patronage that it dispenses furnished attractive compensation. In affluent countries, it was only in the 'eighties that public opinion lent consistent support to political ideologies that are antithetical to administration. During the decade, startling ideas about the future shape of national public services began to be implemented with greater or lesser vigour. Britain's 'Next Steps' and privatization programmes are perhaps the best known, but others are just as radical: they call for alternatives to the nineteenth- century model of bureaucracy which is what most governments have been content to administer with during the twentieth century's decades of rapid change.
Appears in Collections:Economic and Social Studies (New Series), Volume 6, 1993
Economic and Social Studies (New Series), Volume 6, 1993

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