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Title: Quiet room with a view that comes at a price
Authors: Deidun, Alan
Keywords: Natura 2000 (Malta)
Dingli Cliffs (Dingli, Malta)
Environmental protection -- Malta
Issue Date: 2018-12-09
Publisher: Allied Newspapers Ltd.
Citation: Deidun, A. (2018, December 9). Quiet room with a view that comes at a price. The Times of Malta, pp. 1-2.
Abstract: A pall of cynicism and resignation seems to have settled on the populace at large when it comes to making their voice heard about environmental matters, what with the incessant construction mill and the relentless encroachment upon our open spaces. But throwing in the towel is simply not an option at this stage, as it simply plays into the hands of the development mongers. This column will review in detail the legitimate reasons which should spur us into making an online representation on a proposed development in close proximity to Dingli Cliffs within a designated Natura 2000 site. PA 05732/17 proposes the demolition of the existing, licensed Pulvich explosives manufacturing factory (mainly servicing the quarrying industry) and its re-development into an eco-resort and spa. Nothing untoward at face value, one might conclude, given that re-development of an already committed site is on the cards. Only that one has to contend with the high sensitivity and conservation value of the site in question, located within a designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC) of International Importance, managed within the EU's Natura 2000 network.
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