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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998The case of oil in the Shetland IslandsBlackadder, Andrew
1998Dependency and development in Prince Edward IslandMacKinnon, Wayne
1998The economic disadvantages of island developing countries : problems of smallness, remoteness and economies of scaleFischer, Gerard; Encontre, Pierre
1998Federal regional development policies and Atlantic Canada's IslandsBickerton, James
1998A remarkable resilience : political and bureaucratic impediments to economic development - a case study of Newfoundland and LabradorHouse, John Douglas
1998Offshore oil and economic development : a Newfoundland perspectiveShrimpton, Mark
1998Strategies of development for small island territories of the North Atlantic : common sense versus good sense [Introduction]Baldacchino, Godfrey; Greenwood, Rob
1998Towards a political approach to the island questionHache, Jean Didier
1998Accident or design? : the role of the state in Jersey's development as an offshore finance centreHampton, Mark
1998Far better to serve in heaven than reign in hell : Malta's logic of relating to the European UnionBaldacchino, Godfrey
1998Surviving the competition : small business in MaltaBriguglio, Lino
1998Islands and sustainable developmentStreeten, Paul
1998Sustaining small island development : Isle of ManCarse, Stephen
1998Organizing production : opportunities and threats for NewfoundlandGreenwood, Rob
1998Considerations for small island development todayDoumenge, Francois
1998A socio-economic development policy for the AzoresSilva, Jose Manuel Monteiro da