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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Accident or design? : the role of the state in Jersey's development as an offshore finance centreHampton, Mark
1998The case of oil in the Shetland IslandsBlackadder, Andrew
1998Considerations for small island development todayDoumenge, Francois
1998Dependency and development in Prince Edward IslandMacKinnon, Wayne
1998The economic disadvantages of island developing countries : problems of smallness, remoteness and economies of scaleFischer, Gerard; Encontre, Pierre
1998Far better to serve in heaven than reign in hell : Malta's logic of relating to the European UnionBaldacchino, Godfrey
1998Federal regional development policies and Atlantic Canada's IslandsBickerton, James
1998Islands and sustainable developmentStreeten, Paul
1998Offshore oil and economic development : a Newfoundland perspectiveShrimpton, Mark
1998Organizing production : opportunities and threats for NewfoundlandGreenwood, Rob
1998A remarkable resilience : political and bureaucratic impediments to economic development - a case study of Newfoundland and LabradorHouse, John Douglas
1998A socio-economic development policy for the AzoresSilva, Jose Manuel Monteiro da
1998Strategies of development for small island territories of the North Atlantic : common sense versus good sense [Introduction]Baldacchino, Godfrey; Greenwood, Rob
1998Surviving the competition : small business in MaltaBriguglio, Lino
1998Sustaining small island development : Isle of ManCarse, Stephen
1998Towards a political approach to the island questionHache, Jean Didier