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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019SMN complex member Gemin3 self-interacts and has a functional relationship with ALS-linked proteins TDP-43, FUS and Sod1Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Ciantar, Joanna; Lanfranco, Maia; Borg, Rebecca M.; Vassallo, Neville; Bordonné, Rémy; Cauchi, Ruben J.
2012Conserved requirement for DEAD-box RNA helicase Gemin3 in Drosophila oogenesisCauchi, Ruben J.
2012Genetic animal models of Tourette syndrome : the long and winding road from lab to clinicCauchi, Ruben J.; Tárnok, Zsanett
2019Cardiolipin promotes pore-forming activity of alpha-synuclein oligomers in mitochondrial membranesGhio, Stephanie; Camilleri, Angelique; Caruana Grech Perry, Mario; Ruf, Viktoria C.; Schmidt, Felix; Leonov, Andrei; Ryazanov, Sergey; Griesinger, Christian; Cauchi, Ruben J.; Kamp, Frits; Giese, Armin; Vassallo, Neville
2020Toxic oligomers of the amyloidogenic HypF-N protein form pores in mitochondrial membranesFarrugia, Maria Ylenia; Ghio, Stephanie; Camilleri, Angelique; Farrugia, Claude; Cauchi, Ruben J.; Cappelli, Sara; Chiti, Fabrizio; Vassallo, Neville; Caruana Grech Perry, Mario
2016Extracts from two ubiquitous Mediterranean plants ameliorate cellular and animal models of neurodegenerative proteinopathiesBriffa, Michelle; Ghio, Stephanie; Neuner, Johanna; Gauci, Alison J.; Cacciottolo, Rebecca; Marchal, Christelle; Cullin, Christophe; Vassallo, Neville; Cauchi, Ruben J.; Caruana Grech Perry, Mario
2020Tau-induced mitochondrial membrane perturbation is dependent upon cardiolipinCamilleri, Angelique; Ghio, Stephanie; Caruana Grech Perry, Mario; Weckbecker, Daniel; Schmidt, Felix; Kamp, Frits; Leonov, Andrei; Ryazanov, Sergey; Griesinger, Christian; Giese, Armin; Cauchi, Ruben J.; Vassallo, Neville
2016Putative role of red wine polyphenols against brain pathology in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseaseCaruana Grech Perry, Mario; Cauchi, Ruben J.; Vassallo, Neville
2016Disruption of snRNP biogenesis factors Tgs1 and pICln induces phenotypes that mirror aspects of SMN-Gemins complex perturbation in Drosophila, providing new insights into spinal muscular atrophyBorg, Rebecca M.; Fenech Salerno, Benji; Vassallo, Neville; Bordonne, Rémy; Cauchi, Ruben J.
2015Interaction of α-synuclein with biomembranes in Parkinson's disease - role of cardiolipinGhio, Stephanie; Kamp, Frits; Cauchi, Ruben J.; Giese, Armin; Vassallo, Neville