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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Detection and quantitation of the fetal hemoglobin variant Hb F-Malta-I in adultsAltay, Gultekin; Garver, Fred A.; Bannister, William H.; Grech, Joseph L.; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan; Felice, Alex
1982Organization of α-chain genes among Hb G-Philadelphia heterozygotes in association with Hb S, β-thalassemia, and α-thalassemia-2Felice, Alex; Ozdonmez, R.; Headlee, M. E.; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1980Hb S, Hb G-Philadelphia and α-thalassemia-2 in a Black familyFelice, Alex; Mayson, Sylvia M.; Webber, Brooke B.; Miller, Augustus; Gravely, Marsha E.; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1980Interaction of the β chain variant hemoglobin Leslie and the α chain variant hemoglobin Montgomery in a Black femaleHuisman, Titus Hendrik Jan; Gravely, Marsha E.; Wilson, Jerry B.; Webber, Brooke B.; Felice, Alex; Miller, Augustus
1980Adult and fetal hemoglobin production in erythroid colonies from subjects with β-thalassemia or with hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin (HPFH)Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan; Reese, A. L.; Gravely, Marsha E.; Wilson, Jerry B.; Webber, Brooke B.; Felice, Alex
1984The rare α-Thalassemia-1 of Blacks is a ζα-Thalassemia-1 associated with a deletion of all α- and ζ-Globin genesFelice, Alex; Cleek, M. P.; McKie, Kathleen Mood; McKie, Virgil C.; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1981α-Thalassemia and the production of different α chain variants in heterozygotesFelice, Alex; Webber, Brooke B.; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1984Alternate organization of α G-Philadelphia globin genes among US Black and Italian Caucasian heterozygotesSciarratta, Giuseppina V.; Sansone, Gennaro; Ivaldi, Giovanni L.; Felice, Alex; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1982Identification and quantitation of embryonic and three types of fetal hemoglobin produced on induction of the human pluripotent leukemia cell line K‐562 with heminFuhr, Josephy E.; Bamberger, Elena G.; Lozzio, Carmen B.; Lozzio, Bismarck B.; Felice, Alex; Altay, Gultekin; Webber, Brooke B.; Reese, A. L.; Mayson, Sylvia M.; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
1979Observations on the calculated contents of variant and normal α chains in adult and fetal erythrocytesFelice, Alex; Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan