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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Episodic ataxia type 1D'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Hanna, Michael G.; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Pessia, Mauro
2017Monoaminergic neuropathology in Alzheimer’s diseaseSimic, Goran; Babic Leko, Mirjana; Wray, Selina; Harrington, Charles R.; Delalle, Ivana; Jovanov-Milosevic, Natasa; Bazadona, Danira; Buee, Luc; Silva, Rohan de; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Wischik, Claude M.; Hof, Patrick R.
2016New therapeutic opportunities for 5-HT2C receptor ligands in neuropsychiatric disordersDi Giovanni, Giuseppe; De Deurwaerdere, Philippe
2013Are vesicular neurotransmitter transporters potential treatment targets for temporal lobe epilepsy?Van Liefferinge, Joeri; Massie, Ann; Portelli, Jeanelle; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Smolders, Ilse J.
2001m-Chlorophenylpiperazine excites non-dopaminergic neurons in the rat Substantia Nigra and Ventral Tegmental Area by activating serotonin-2c receptorsDi Giovanni, Giuseppe; Di Matteo, Vincenzo; La Grutta, Vittorio; Esposito, Ennio
2010Neuroprotection in Parkinson’s disease : a realistic goal?Galati, Salvatore; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2015The 5-HT4 agonist prucalopride stimulates L-DOPA-induced dopamine release in restricted brain regions of the hemiparkinsonian rat in vivoNavailles, Sylvia; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; De Deurwaerdere, Philippe
2009Enhanced tonic GABAA inhibition in typical absence epilepsyCope, David W.; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Fyson, Sarah J.; Orban, Gergely; Errington, Adam C.; Lorincz, Magor L.; Gould, Timothy M.; Carter, David A.; Crunelli, Vincenzo
2013High dose of 8-OH-DPAT decreases maximal dentate gyrus activation and facilitates granular cell plasticity in vivoOrban, Gergely; Pierucci, Massimo; Benigno, Arcangelo; Pessia, Mauro; Galati, Salvatore; Valentino, Mario; Muscat, Richard; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2014Interdisciplinary chemical approaches for neuropathologyRamsay, Rona R.; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe