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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Monoaminergic mechanisms in epilepsy may offer innovative therapeutic opportunity for monoaminergic multi-target drugsSvob Strac, Dubravka; Pivac, Nela; Smolders, Ilse J.; Fogel, Wieslawa A.; De Deurwaerdere, Philippe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2011mGluR control of interneuron output regulates feedforward tonic GABAA inhibition in the visual thalamusErrington, Adam C.; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Crunelli, Vincenzo; Cope, David W.
2013Microiontophoresis and related methodsInvernizzi, Roberto William; Esposito, Ennio; Matteo, Vincenzo di; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2016-07The first Malta brain awareness week : an interview with the co-ordinator of the Malta Neuroscience NetworkDi Giovanni, Giuseppe; Fenech, Iggy
2008Will it ever become possible to prevent dopaminergic neuronal degeneration?Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2015A critical evaluation of the gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) model of absence seizuresVenzi, Marcello; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Crunelli, Vincenzo
2015Serotonergic modulation of the activity of mesencephalic dopaminergic systems : therapeutic implicationsDe Deurwaerdere, Philippe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2003CCK-nitric oxide interaction in rat cortex, striatum and-pallidumFerraro, Giuseppe; Sardo, Pierangelo; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Maio, Roberto di; La Grutta, Vittorio
2010Role of serotonin in central dopamine dysfunctionDi Giovanni, Giuseppe; Esposito, Ennio; Di Matteo, Vincenzo
2006Aspirin protects striatal dopaminergic neurons from neurotoxin-induced degeneration : an in vivo microdialysis studyMatteo, Vincenzo di; Pierucci, Massimo; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Santo, Angelo di; Poggi, Andreina; Benigno, Arcangelo; Esposito, Ennio