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Title: Advanced AI in first person shooter (FPS) games
Authors: Abela, Dylan Luke
Keywords: Artificial intelligence
Video games
Computer animation
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Abela, D. L. (2018). Advanced AI in first person shooter (FPS) games (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: The video game industries are growing at a rapid rate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very important part in video games. It makes games more enjoyable and sometimes, it gives them a sense of realism to the player. During the past years, AI in video games have been acting so realistic that some people might actually believe that the AI is acting more like a human player than a machine. My main focus in this thesis is the use of AI in FPS (First Person Shooter) games. I will analyse different types of AI that are used in these types of games. For my thesis, I created two types of games which used two different types of AI for the enemies. The AI types that I chose are: 1) Pathfinding AI 2) Enemy, Shoot and Run AI The Pathfinding AI will be able to find the player from any part of the map and it will search through available paths on the path that it can use to get to the player. The Enemy, Shoot and Run AI will be able to attack the player and then start running throughout the map in sort of panic mode and if it gets to a certain distance away from the player, it will slow down and sometimes hide but if the enemy spots the enemy again, it will start running again. In this thesis, I will analyse these types of AI that are used in FPS (First Person Shooter) games and other types of AI which are available in this genre of gaming.
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