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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000One-pot diastereoselective synthesis of 2-acyl-4-nitrocyclohexanol derivatives in aqueous mediumBallini, Roberto; Barboni, Luciano; Bosica, Giovanna; Filippone, Paolino; Peretti, Sabina
2017Solvent-free Henry and Michael reactions with nitroalkanes promoted by potassium carbonate as a versatile heterogeneous catalystBosica, Giovanna; Polidano, Kurt
1997C-C bond fission via sulphones : a new ring cleavage of cyclic β-keto phenylsulphonesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Mecozzi, Tiziana
2005Conjugate additions of nitroalkanes to electron-poor alkenes : recent resultsBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Fiorini, Dennis; Palmieri, Alessandro; Petrini, Marino
20002,5-dialkylfurans and nitroalkanes as source of 2,3,5-trialkylpyrrolesBallini, Roberto; Barboni, Luciano; Bosica, Giovanna; Petrini, Marino
2019Naphthol-derived Betti bases as potential SLC6A14 blockersPuerta, Adrián; Galán, Alexis R.; Abdilla, Roderick; Demanuele, Kaylie; Fernandes, Miguel X.; Bosica, Giovanna; Padrón, José M.
2021Efficient one-pot synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones via a three-component Biginelli reactionBosica, Giovanna; Cachia, Fiona; De Nittis, Riccardo; Mariotti, Nicole
2000Synthesis of (E)-3-alkylidenepyrrolidines by nucleophilic ring closure of (E)-2-alkylidene-1,4-diol derivativesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Mase, Aldo; Petrini, Marino
1998α-Nitrocycloalkanones as a new source for the one-pot synthesis of functionalized 1,4-diketones, γ-oxoaldehydes, γ-ketoesters, and methyl ω-oxoalkanoatesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Gigli, Fabla
2000Nitroalkanes as a new, convenient source of 1-Acyl-2,5-dialkylbenzene derivatives, in two stepsBallini, Roberto; Barboni, Luciano; Bosica, Giovanna