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Title: A brief look at the parishes and churches dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle on our islands
Authors: Duncan, Hermann
Keywords: Paul, the Apostle, Saint
St. Paul’s Grotto (Rabat, Malta)
Saints -- Malta -- Biography
Idols and images -- Worship -- Biblical teaching
Rural churches -- Malta -- Gozo -- History
Church decoration and ornament -- Malta
Monuments -- Malta -- History
Wignacourt, Alof de, 1547-1622
Order of St John
Alpheran de Bussan, Paul, Bishop of Malta, 1684-1757
Carafa della Roccella, Gregorio, 1615-1690
Bonnici, Giuseppe, 1707-1779
Caruana Dingli, Robert, 1882-1940
Ferres, Achille, 1837-1907
Agatha, Saint, - approximately 250
Publius, Saint, - approximately 112
Knights of Malta
Bonavia, Vincenzo Aloisio
De Cordoba, Juan Venegas
Issue Date: 2017-02-12
Publisher: Standard Publications Pvt Ltd
Citation: Duncan, H. (2017, 12/02/2017). A brief look at the parishes and churches dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle on our islands. The Malta Independent, pp.40.
Abstract: Published as part of the Lifestyle & Culture segment, the article discusses the “Pauline Cult” based on Saint Paul the Apostle and his shipwreck in 60 A.D. With the formation of the first Christian community, the following and devotion for the Saint and the grotto became widespread. Father Duncan tells us about how Saint Paul the Apostle came to be an important model for the Maltese Church and navigates through the various localities that commemorate his story through parishes, altars, paintings, sculptures and sites. It also provides good insight to the numerous legends centering around his arrival in Malta.
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