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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Marine notches in the Maltese Islands (central Mediterranean Sea)Furlani, Stefano; Antonioli, Fabrizio; Gambin, Timmy; Gauci, Ritienne; Ninfo, Andrea; Zavagno, Enrico; Micallef, Anton; Cucchi, Franco
2019Filfla : a case study of the effect of target practice on coastal landformsFurlani, Stefano; Gauci, Ritienne; Devoto, Stefano; Schembri, John A.
2016Bridging natural and cultural values of sites with outstanding scenery : evidence from Gozo, Maltese IslandsCoratza, Paola; Gauci, Ritienne; Schembri, John; Soldati, Mauro; Tonelli, Chiara
2017Evidence of extreme wave events from boulder deposits on the south-east coast of Malta (Central Mediterranean)Causon Deguara, Joanna; Gauci, Ritienne
2016Geomorphological identification, classification and spatial distribution of coastal landforms of Malta (Mediterranean Sea)Biolchi, Sara; Furlani, Stefano; Devoto, Stefano; Gauci, Ritienne; Castaldini, Doriano; Soldati, Mauro
2017Traditional use of shore platforms : a study of the artisanal management of salinas on the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean)Gauci, Ritienne; Schembri, John A.; Inkpen, Rob
2019Geoheritage as a tool for environmental management : a case study in Northern Malta (Central Mediterranean Sea)Selmi, Lidia; Coratza, Paola; Gauci, Ritienne; Soldati, Mauro
2015Evidence of extreme wave events from boulder deposits on the south-east coast of Malta : storm or tsunami?Causon Deguara, Joanna; Gauci, Ritienne
2019Landscapes and landforms of the Maltese IslandsGauci, Ritienne; Schembri, John A.
2022Degradation risk assessment : understanding the impacts of climate change on geoheritageSelmi, Lidia; Canesin, Thais S.; Gauci, Ritienne; Pereira, Paulo; Coratza, Paola