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Title: Harnessing natural or induced vegetative propagation for tree regeneration in agroecosystems
Authors: Morin, Amélie
Bellefontaine, Ronald
Meunier, Quentin
Boffa, Jean-Marc
Keywords: Vegetative propagation
Endangered species -- Conservation
Food security -- Climatic factors
Traditional medicine
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Morin, A., Bellefontaine, R., Meunier, Q., & Boffa, J. M. (2010). Harnessing natural or induced vegetative propagation for tree regeneration in agroecosystems. Acta Botanica Gallica, 157(3), 483-492.
Abstract: In tree reproduction, a set of techniques, called natural or induced vegetative propagation (NIVP) including layering, root cutting and suckering, has been relatively less investigated. Compared with other asexual reproduction methods through cuttings, NIVP tends to be cheaper, and results in many advantages for small farmers in the tropics. Moreover NIVP of useful tree species can help to promote food security, local health care, and enhance income of local people. This study reviews a part of existing knowledge on root suckering or ground layering for some African tree species and identifies areas of future research. Authors conclude with the necessity to record and promote sharing of traditional knowledge concerning NIVP and recommend local studies on key indigenous species, which show this ability.
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