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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Investigation of causality between interest rate and deposit investor’s behaviourÖzen, Ercan; Serap Vurur, N.; Grima, Simon
2020Financial literacy : the case of PolandSwiecka, Beata; Yesildag, Eser; Özen, Ercan; Grima, Simon
2020Contemporary issues in business, economics and financeGrima, Simon; Özen, Ercan; Boz, Hakan
2022A comparative analysis between western Balkan countries and selected OECD countries (2010-2019) of the effect of unemployment on non-performing loanKomoni, Ajshe; Morina, Fisnik; Grima, Simon; Özen, Ercan; Mazreku, İbish
2014Investigating causality effects in return volatility among five major futures markets in European countries with a Mediterranean connectionÖzen, Ercan; Ozdemir, Letife; Grima, Simon; Bezzina, Frank
2021Income inequality and economic growth : an econometric analysis of OECD countries (2005-2018)Selmonaj, Durim; Morina, Fisnik; Özen, Ercan; Grima, Simon
2020-10IV. International Applied Social Sciences Congress (C-IASOS20) : proceeding bookGrima, Simon; Özen, Ercan; Boz, Hakan; Saçkes, ‪Mesut
2021Teleworking and emotional experience and wellbeing : the case in the Turkish financial services industry during COVID-19Özen, Ercan; Grima, Simon; Hamarat, Bahattin
2021The interactions between Covid-19 cases in the USA, the vix index and major stock marketsGrima, Simon; Özdemir, Letife; Özen, Ercan; Romanova, Inna
2020The relationship between the exchange rate, interest rate, and inflation : the case of TurkeyÖzen, Ercan; Özdemir, Letife; Grima, Simon