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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Digital banking in Northern India : the risks on customer satisfactionKaur, Balijinder; Kiran, Sood; Grima, Simon; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona
2021Individual risk perceptions and behaviorGirlando, Alessandra; Grima, Simon; Boztepe, Engin; Seychell, Sharon; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Romanova, Inna
2020A study of the implications of the European Securitisation Regulation 2017/2402 on MaltaMicallef, Joseph; Grima, Simon; Seychell, Sharon; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Lawrence Zammit, Mark
2020The determinants of bank’s stability : evidence from Latvia, a small post-transition economyRupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Romānova, Inna; Grima, Simon
2020The challenges faced by life insurance companies in the Baltic StatesRupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Romānova, Inna; Grima, Simon
2022The risk landscape within FinTech and InsurTech business modelsRupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Marano, Pierpaolo
2023Price discovery mechanism and volatility spillover between national agriculture market and national commodity and derivatives exchange : the study of the Indian agricultural commodity marketGarg, Mohit; Singhal, Shelly; Sood, Kiran; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Grima, Simon
2022Thematic analysis of financial technology (Fintech) influence on the banking industryVarma, Parminder; Nijjer, Shivinder; Sood, Kiran; Grima, Simon; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona
2022The dynamic connectedness between risk and return in the Fintech market of India : evidence using the GARCH-M approachBhatnagar, Mukul; Özen, Ercan; Taneja, Sanjay; Grima, Simon; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona
2023Assessing the causality relationship between the geopolitical risk index and the agricultural commodity marketsMicallef, Joseph; Grima, Simon; Spiteri, Jonathan; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona