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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A review of urban wind energy research : aerodynamics and other challengesMicallef, Daniel; Van Bussel, Gerard
2021Floating offshore wind turbine aerodynamics : trends and future challengesMicallef, Daniel; Rezaeiha, Abdolrahim
2021Wake interactions of two tandem floating offshore wind turbines : CFD analysis using actuator disc modelRezaeiha, Abdolrahim; Micallef, Daniel
2014Investigating the aerodynamic performance of a model offshore floating wind turbineFarrugia, Russell; Sant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel
2015Measurements and modelling of the power performance of a model floating wind turbine under controlled conditionsSant, Tonio; Bonnici, David; Farrugia, Russell; Micallef, Daniel
2016A study on the aerodynamics of a floating wind turbine rotorFarrugia, Russell; Sant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel
2015Loading effects on floating offshore horizontal axis wind turbines in surge motionMicallef, Daniel; Sant, Tonio
2013An investigation of radial velocities for a horizontal axis wind turbine in axial and yawed flowsMicallef, Daniel; van Bussel, Gerard; Simao Ferreira, Carlos; Sant, Tonio
2016Experimental and numerical investigation of tip vortex generation and evolution on horizontal axis wind turbinesMicallef, Daniel; Sant, Tonio; van Bussel, Gerard; Ferreira, Carlos Simao
2011Experimental and numerical study of radial flow and its contribution to wake development of a HAWTMicallef, Daniel; Akay, Busra; Sant, Tonio; Ferreira, Carlos Simao; van Bussel, Gerard