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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Influence of the conservative rotor loads on the near wake of a wind turbineHerraez, Ivan; Micallef, Daniel; van Kuik, Gijs
2011-03Stereo PIV experiments on horizontal axis wind turbine rotor modelAkay, Busra; Micallef, Daniel; Simao Ferreira, Carlos; van Bussel, Gerard
2018Rotor aerodynamics in sheared inflow : an analysis of out-of-plane bending momentsMicallef, Daniel; Sant, Tonio
2019Disparity analysis for three floating wind turbine aerodynamic codes in comparisonSant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel
2020Assessment of actuator disc models in predicting radial flow and wake expansionMicallef, Daniel; Ferreira, Carlos; Herráez, Iván; Höning, Leo; Yu, Wei; Capdevila, Hugo
2019Modelling the aerodynamics of a floating wind turbine model using a CFD-based actuator disc methodBezzina, Ryan; Sant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel
2018Evaluation of different methods of determining the angle of attack on wind turbine blades under yawed inflow conditionsVimalakanthan, K.; Schepers, J. G.; Shen, W. Z.; Rahimi, H.; Micallef, Daniel; Simao Ferreira, C. J.; Jost, E.; Klein, L.
2020CFD simulation of two tandem floating offshore wind turbines in surge motionRezaeiha, Abdolrahim; Micallef, Daniel
2014Investigating the aerodynamic performance of a model offshore floating wind turbineFarrugia, Russell; Sant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel
2015Measurements and modelling of the power performance of a model floating wind turbine under controlled conditionsSant, Tonio; Bonnici, David; Farrugia, Russell; Micallef, Daniel