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Title: The tract terminations in the temporal lobe : their location and associated functions
Authors: Bajada, Claude J.
Haroon, Hamied A.
Azadbakht, Hojjatollah
Parker, Geoffrey J. M.
Lambon Ralph, Matthew A.
Cloutman, Lauren L.
Keywords: White matter
Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging
Temporal lobes
Brain -- Diseases
Brain mapping
Issue Date: 2017-12-01
Publisher: Masson SpA
Citation: Bajada, C. J., Haroon, H. A., Azadbakht, H., Parker, G. J. M., Lambon Ralph, M. A., & Cloutman, L. L. (2017). The tract terminations in the temporal lobe: Their location and associated functions. Cortex, 97, 277-290. doi:10.1016/j.cortex.2016.03.013
Abstract: Temporal lobe networks are associated with multiple cognitive domains. Despite an upsurge of interest in connectional neuroanatomy, the terminations of the main fibre tracts in the human brain are yet to be mapped. This information is essential given that neurological, neuroanatomical and computational accounts expect neural functions to be strongly shaped by the pattern of white-matter connections. This paper uses a probabilistic tractography approach to identify the main cortical areas that contribute to the major temporal lobe tracts. In order to associate the tract terminations to known functional domains of the temporal lobe, eight automated meta-analyses were performed using the Neurosynth database. Overlaps between the functional regions highlighted by the meta-analyses and the termination maps were identified in order to investigate the functional importance of the tracts of the temporal lobe. The termination maps are made available in the Supplementary Materials of this article for use by researchers in the field.
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