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Title: N-body gravity and the Schrödinger equation
Authors: Farrugia, Pierre-Sandre
Mann, Robert B.
Scott, Tony C.
Keywords: Quantum gravity
Schrodinger equation
Issue Date: 2007-08-30
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
Citation: Farrugia, P. S., Mann, R. B., & Scott, T. C. (2007). N-body gravity and the Schrödinger equation. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 24(18), 4647.
Abstract: We consider the problem of the motion of N bodies in a self-gravitating system in two spacetime dimensions. We point out that this system can be mapped onto the quantum–mechanical problem of an N-body generalization of the problem of the H+2 molecular ion in one dimension. The canonical gravitational N-body formalism can be extended to include electromagnetic charges. We derive a general algorithm for solving this problem, and show how it reduces to known results for the 2-body and 3-body systems.
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