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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Comparison between different design approaches to prevent buckling of torispherical heads under internal pressureMuscat, Martin; Camilleri, Duncan
2013An investigation of different offshore wind turbine jacket support foundation models designed for central Mediterranean deep watersGauci, Thomas; Sant, Tonio; Muscat, Martin; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Camillieri, Duncan
2016Filament wound composite pressure vessels and pipes subject to an internal pressure : an experimental and material characterization studyEllul, Brian; Camilleri, Duncan; Grech, Jana; Muscat, Martin
2009-09On the effect of the Poisson's ratio (positive and negative) on the stability of pressure vessel headsEllul, Brian; Muscat, Martin; Grima, Joseph N.
2014Development of a Stirling engine powered by parabolic trough collectorsMangion, Ronald; Muscat, Martin; Ghirlando, Robert; Sant, Tonio; Yousif, Charles; Vural, Sinan
2020GRP composite pipe elbows subject to an internal pressure and in-plane bending : an experimental studyEllul Grech, Brian; Dimech, Michael A.; Camilleri, Duncan; Muscat, Martin
2013Finite element models for spot weldsMuscat, Martin; Sciberras, D.
2014A medium temperature solar powered Stirling engine – a case of project based learningMangion, Ronald; Muscat, Martin
2013Process and structural models for resistance spot weldingMollicone, Pierluigi; Muscat, Martin; Debono, Ryan
2011Design and cost evaluation of a deep water support structure for a wind turbine in central Mediterranean watersFenech, Lawrence; Sant, Tonio; Muscat, Martin