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Title: An 1841 account of agricultural activity in Malta by Dominique Miége
Authors: Morana, Martin
Keywords: Agriculture -- Malta -- History -- 19th century
Issue Date: 2019-08-11
Publisher: Allied Newspapers Ltd.
Citation: Morana, M. (2019, August 11). An 1841 account of agricultural activity in Malta by Dominique Miége. The Sunday Times of Malta, pp. 54-55.
Abstract: Dominique Miége was the resident French consul in Malta in the 1830s, during which time he collated detailed information about a wide-ranging spectrum of life on the island at the time. In his L’Histoire de Malte, (1841) there is an extensive account of agricultural activities and their contribution to the economy. Miége quotes Padre Carlo Giacinto, who he calls Hyacinthus, the University professor of natural history, thereby adding credibility to his narrative.
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