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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Surviving the pandemic : remote working in the Maltese public service during the Covid-19 outbreakBezzina, Frank; Cassar, Vincent; Marmarà, Vincent-Anthony; Said, Emanuel
2021Gender balance in national parliament : voters’ perceptions towards the gender corrective mechanism in MaltaBezzina, Frank; Brown, Maria; Marmarà, Vincent-Anthony
2021Public service reforms in a small island state : the case of MaltaBezzina, Frank; Camilleri, Emanuel; Marmarà, Vincent-Anthony
2019Predicting reattendance to the second round of the Maltese national breast screening programme : an analytical descriptive studyMarmarà, Danika; Marmarà, Vincent-Anthony; Hubbard, Gill
2021Cross-sectional telephone surveys as a tool to study epidemiological factors and monitor seasonal influenza activity in MaltaMarmarà, Vincent-Anthony; Marmarà, Danika; McMenemy, P.; Kleczkowski, A.
2022Non-attendance to mammography screening : a qualitative study among nonattendees in MaltaMarmarà, Danika; Hubbard, Gill; Marmarà, Vincent-Anthony
2014Estimation of force of infection based on different epidemiological proxies : 2009/2010 Influenza epidemic in MaltaMarmarà, Vincent-Anthony; Cook, A.; Kleczkowski, A.
2018A national cross-sectional study of adherence to timely mammography use in MaltaMarmarà, Danika; Marmarà, Vincent-Anthony; Hubbard, Gill
2018Promoting sunscreen use and skin self-examination to improve early detection and prevent skin cancer : quasi-experimental trial of an adolescent psycho-educational interventionHubbard, Gill; Kyle, Richard G.; Neal, Richard D.; Marmarà, Vincent-Anthony; Wang, Ziyan; Dombrowski, Stephan U.
2017Enhancing customer retention through data mining techniquesDingli, Alexiei; Marmarà, Vincent-Anthony; Sant Fournier, Nicole