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Title: Gozo youth congress : report
Keywords: Youth -- Malta -- Gozo
Gozo University Group
Workshops -- Malta -- Gozo
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: University of Malta. Gozo Campus
Citation: (2003). Gozo youth congress: report. Gozo Observer, 9, 3-10.
Abstract: The Gozo Youth Congress which aimed at voicing youth perspectives was held on the 13th and 14th December (2002). The speakers tackled three main themes, namely: Youth and Work, Youth and the EU, and Gozo as a Region. Delegates coming from various organisations such as GUG, Local Councils, KDZ, Sixth Form, UHM, KSU and MUT were present. Emerging from the discussion on Youth and Work, the need for today's youth to practice flexibility at his / her workplace became clear. Moreover, the educational system has to be linked more closely to one's position at work. Regarding the issue of Gozo as a Region, the need for a regional government or a regional council for Gozo, under the format of an elected assembly was made abundantly clear. Mention was made of the negotiations between Malta and the European Union. The significance that Gozo was given throughout these negotiations was appreciated, and the news that Gozo was to be considered under NUTS 3 was met with satisfaction. Dr. Josann Cutajar emphasised that Gozitans should strive and unite in order to achieve their goals. Mr Azzopardi expressed the group's wish that the final document would have an impact on those who are responsible for taking decisions in our country. In addition to this, he hoped that regarding the proposed Assembly, history would not repeat itself, as in the case of the Ministry for Gozo, which came into being 40 years after being proposed in 1947. Expounding on what was previously discussed during the workshops, he emphasised that a project that has succeeded perfectly, i.e. the Ministry for Gozo, should not be replaced by this Assembly. A Gozo Youth Forum was proposed and voted upon by the delegates present. This shall incorporate various youth organisations established in Gozo. Samuel Azzopardi said that all delegates present should push this issue within their organisations, just as GUG is doing. A unanimous vote was taken upon the final document, which concluded the last plenary of the Gozo Youth Congress. The final document is to be presented to National authorities and the European Commission. This Congress was supported by the Ministry for Gozo,the Parliamentary Secretariat for Youth and Sports, Magro Group and MIC.
Appears in Collections:The Gozo Observer - Issue 09, February 2003
The Gozo Observer - Issue 09, February 2003

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