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Title: Identification of an HNF1A p.Gly292fs frameshift mutation presenting as diabetes during pregnancy in a Maltese family
Authors: Pace, Nikolai Paul
Rizzo, Christopher
Abela, Alexia
Gruppetta, Mark
Fava, Stephen
Felice, Alex
Vassallo, Josanne
Keywords: Diabetes -- Malta -- Case studies
Diabetes in youth -- Epidemiology
Diabetes -- Genetic aspects
Diabetes in pregnancy
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Sage
Citation: Pace, N. P., Rizzo, C., Abela, A., Gruppetta, M., Fava, S., Felice, A., & Vassallo, J. (2019). Identification of an HNF1A p. Gly292fs frameshift mutation presenting as diabetes during pregnancy in a Maltese family. Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports, 12, 1179547619831034.
Abstract: The diagnosis of maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY) is a challenging process in view of the extensive clinical and genetic heterogeneity of the disease. Mutations in the gene encoding hepatocyte nuclear factor 1α (HNF1A) are responsible for most forms of monogenic diabetes in Northern European populations. Genetic analysis through a combination of whole exome sequencing and Sanger sequencing in three Maltese siblings and their father identified a rare duplication/frameshift mutation in exon 4 of HNF1A that lies within a known mutational hotspot in this gene. In this report, we provide the first description of an HNF1A-MODY3 phenotype in a Maltese family. The findings reported are relevant and new to a regional population, where the epidemiology of atypical diabetes has never been studied before. This report is of clinical interest as it highlights how monogenic diabetes can be misdiagnosed as either type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes. It also reinforces the need for a better characterisation of monogenic diabetes in Mediterranean countries, particularly in island populations such as Malta with a high prevalence of diabetes.
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