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Title: Evaluation of the operational street pollution model using data from European cities
Authors: Aquilina, Noel
Micallef, Alfred
Keywords: Air -- Analysis
Air -- Pollution -- Measurement
Urban pollution
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Citation: Aquilina, N., & Micallef, A. (2004). Evaluation of the operational street pollution model using data from European cities. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 95(1-3), 75-96.
Abstract: This paper presents a sensitivity analysis and an evaluation of the semi-empirical model known as Operational Street Pollution Model (OSPM). The model is capable of calculating airborne concentrations of exhaust gases emitted by vehicles, within a street canyon. OSPM has been extensively evaluated using data collected over a two year period (1994–1995), during a monitoring campaign carried out in Jagtvej, Denmark. Further evaluation of the model was carried out using data collected in Göttinger Strasse, Hannover (1994) and Schildhorn Strasse, Berlin (1995), both in Germany. In all cases, model runs were carried out for carbon monoxide. Two sets of emission factors were used for the two street canyons in Germany; namely that available within OSPM and another separate set of emission factors derived from data collected in Germany. In the calculation of the latter set, the urban driving patterns and variations in the vehicle fleet composition according to the engine capacity were assumed accordingly. A correlation coefficient of 0.90 between the modelled and measured concentrations was obtained for all the cases considered when using the emission factors of OSPM. A correlation coefficient of about 0.85 was obtained with the newly proposed emission factors when applied to Göttinger and Schildhorn Strasse.
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