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Title: On the nature of reflective practice in English language teaching : importance, successful realization and challenges
Authors: Lukacova, Zuzana
Keywords: Reflective teaching
Teachers -- Self-rating of
English teachers -- Training of
Effective teaching
Issue Date: 2020-06
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Lukacova, Z. (2020). On the nature of reflective practice in English language teaching : importance, successful realization and challenges. Malta Review of Educational Research, 14(1), 115-128.
Abstract: The knowledge of the importance of reflection in the field of teaching is crucial for an understanding of teacher development. There has been a considerable amount of literature published on reflective practice highlighting the need for quality reflection in various fields of study. Questions have been raised about the challenges or obstacles which might occur on the way towards successful realization of teacher trainees’ reflection. Factors found to be influencing its effectiveness and meaningfulness have been explored in several studies. Debate continues about the best strategies for meaningful reflection which would lead towards professional development of English language teachers. Despite the fact that the issue of reflective practice is widely recognised as a serious concern, research has consistently shown that many English language teacher trainees lack knowledge of meaningful reflection on their teaching. Therefore, the paper intends to focus on reflective practice in English language teaching, especially during teaching practice. In addition, it seeks to discuss its importance, successful realization and possible challenges in the process. Moreover, the paper presents partial research findings based on qualitative data obtained from feedback sessions conducted on a sample of pre-service English language teacher trainees.
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MRER, Volume 14, Issue 1

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