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Title: Non-indigenous species refined national baseline inventories : a synthesis in the context of the European Union's Marine Strategy Framework Directive
Authors: Tsiamis, Konstantinos
Palialexis, Andreas
Stefanova, Kremena
Gladan, Živana Ničević
Skejić, Sanda
Despalatović, Marija
Cvitković, Ivan
Dragičević, Branko
Dulčić, Jakov
Vidjak, Olja
Bojanić, Natalia
Žuljević, Ante
Aplikioti, Marilena
Argyrou, Marina
Josephides, Marios
Michailidis, Nikolas
Jakobsen, Hans H.
Staehr, Peter A.
Ojaveer, Henn
Lehtiniemi, Maiju
Massé, Cécile
Zenetos, Argyro
Castriota, Luca
Livi, Silvia
Mazziotti, Cristina
Schembri, Patrick J.
Evans, Julian
Bartolo, Angela G.
Kabuta, Saa Henry
Smolders, Sander
Knegtering, Edo
Gittenberger, Arjan
Gruszka, Piotr
Kraśniewski, Wojciech
Bartilotti, Cátia
Tuaty-Guerra, Miriam
Canning-Clode, João
Costa, Ana C.
Parente, Manuela I.
Botelho, Andrea Z.
Micael, Joana
Miodonski, Joana V.
Carreira, Gilberto P.
Lopes, Vera
Chainho, Paula
Barberá, Carmen
Naddafi, Rahmat
Florin, Ann-Britt
Barry, Peter
Stebbing, Paul D.
Cardoso, Ana Cristina
Keywords: Introduced organisms -- Europe
Marine pollution -- Europe
Marine species diversity
Marine biology -- Europe
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Citation: Tsiamis, K., Palialexis, A., Stefanova, K., Gladan, Ž. N., Skejić, S., Despalatović, M., ... & Bojanić, N. (2019). Non-indigenous species refined national baseline inventories: A synthesis in the context of the European Union's Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Marine pollution bulletin, 145, 429-435.
Abstract: Refined baseline inventories of non-indigenous species (NIS) are set per European Union Member State (MS), in the context of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). The inventories are based on the initial assessment of the MSFD (2012) and the updated data of the European Alien Species Information Network, in collaboration with NIS experts appointed by the MSs. The analysis revealed that a large number of NIS was not reported from the initial assessments. Moreover, several NIS initially listed are currently considered as native in Europe or were proven to be historical misreportings. The refined baseline inventories constitute a milestone for the MSFD Descriptor 2 implementation, providing an improved basis for reporting new NIS introductions, facilitating the MSFD D2 assessment. In addition, the inventories can help MSs in the establishment of monitoring systems of targeted NIS, and foster cooperation on monitoring of NIS across or within shared marine subregions.
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