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Title: The liberalisation of the electricity market in the European Union and the current developments in Malta.
Authors: Agius, Franco
Keywords: Electricity
European Union
Energy policy
Environmental protection
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Agius, F. (2003). The liberalisation of the electricity market in the European Union and the current developments in Malta (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: The thesis starts by giving a historical introduction of the development of energy in general. This introduction is intended to show the role-played by energy in general through out the years. The thesis will then evolve on two main issues the first issue regards the end users and the protection that should be given to them against a possible abuse of the generators. This protection comes under the name of public service obligations. By continuously securing the promotion of public services obligations one safeguards the security of supply, the levels of service given and the protection of the environment The second issue will regard the producers of electricity and their need for common and clear rules to regulate the market in which they are going to invest. The said market is to be easily accessible and open to fair competition. For this reason the third chapter will deal with all the steps necessary to liberalise the market. The last chapter will deal with the need to have a regulator. The regulator is,necessary because competition alone is not sufficient to regulate this market; there is the need of a regulator who can balance the interest of all the parties in question. Furthermore the conclusion of each and every chapter includes a reference as to how Malta will be effected by these developments.
Description: LL.D.
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