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Title: We still live in a world where being beautiful is vastly important
Authors: Duca, Edward
Keywords: Beauty, Personal
Beauty culture
Communicable diseases
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Malta
Citation: Duca, E. (2017). We still live in a world where being beautiful is vastly important. THINK Magazine, 21, 6-7.
Abstract: Throughout history the concept of ‘beauty’ has been merged with our concept of what is morally ‘good’. Since the Ancient Greeks, who thought that beauty was inherently good and ugliness was inherently evil, we have struggled to move away from this way of thinking. A ‘normal’ individual is usually defined as ‘beautiful’ in some sense, be it through good health, social class, or appearance. Problems arise when the binary emerges, seeing deviations from the norm rejected as ugly, dirty, immoral, and ‘sick’.
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Think Magazine, Issue 21
Think Magazine, Issue 21

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