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Title: Trends in Maltese agriculture and fisheries
Authors: Agius, Therese
Keywords: Agriculture -- Malta
Fisheries -- Malta
Agricultural landscape management -- Malta
Issue Date: 1992
Citation: Agius, T. (1992). Trends in Maltese agriculture and fisheries (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: In the Maltese Islands, there have been important changes taking place in the agriculture and fisheries industries, especially during the past thirty years. Data for the period 1870 to 1990 were collated and presented graphically in order to analyse and identify the main causes of the changes occurring. Over the last three centuries, the Maltese agriculture and fisheries industries have declined. There has been a progressive decrease in agricultural land area, mainly due to urbanization, particularly during the last twenty years. The farming population is ageing. The agricultural labour force is decreasing primarily due to the fact that this occupation is labourious and is seen as unattractive by the younger generation. Consequently, men-days worked in agriculture have decreased in number. Agricultural land, consisting mainly of dry-farmed fields, has decreased progressively. Area sown under crops has decreased. However, the productivity of some crops, mainly vegetables, has increased, since more importance has been given to these crops in recent years and less to forages. Mechanization has improved with the result that the number of animals working on land has decreased. There has been a change in the types of livestock reared, with more importance being given to cows and less to goats and sheep, leading to a change in milk animals. Although fishing boats propelled by rowing are being replaced by motor powered vessels, yet, the fisheries industry has declined. The age distribution of fishermen has followed the same trend as that for farmers. There has also been a change in the type and number of fish caught.
Description: B.ED.(HONS)
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