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Title: Strengthening the competitiveness of a coastal tourism resort : the case for rejuvenating Buġibba (Malta)
Authors: Attard, Stephanie
Keywords: Seaside resorts -- Malta
Tourism -- Marketing
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Chapman and Speake (2011) argue that in order “to halt Buġibba’s continued decline as a resort” a radical rejuvenation strategy is the only way forward. Building on Chapman and Speake (2011), this research brings together two key concepts, namely destination competitiveness and rejuvenation of a coastal tourism resort. It is argued that when a coastal tourism resort such as Buġibba experiences stagnation and is on the verge of decline, rejuvenation is a relevant strategy for the resort to regain competitiveness. Yet what elements should be incorporated in a rejuvenation plan to ensure competitiveness does not seem to have been explored. The main objective of this dissertation is to identify the critical determinants of destination competitiveness that are relevant and that will strengthen the competitiveness of Buġibba as a tourism resort and to explore the current situation of the product offered in Buġibba in terms of the Tourist Area Life cycle (TALC). This dissertation highlights the importance of having a rejuvenation plan to strengthen Buġibba’s competitiveness and examines the stumbling blocks that work against developing and implementing such a plan. Through the use of qualitative exploratory research, in the form of in-depth interviews a number of participants representing public and private entities were interviewed to provide insights about the critical factors that are affecting the competitiveness of Buġibba as a tourist destination. Secondary data was used to provide information about the development and evolution of Buġibba as a tourist destination. Research findings reveal that Buġibba is indeed a mature coastal tourism resort and is facing an array of challenges hindering its future competitiveness as a tourist resort. The results indicate that the low price strategy is the only factor contributing to this resort’s competitiveness and for the resort to remain competitive it urgently needs to undertake rejuvenation actions to improve its tourism offer and possibly generate increased earning. This research concludes with a set of recommendations that must be incorporated in a rejuvenation plan and presents a proposed plan on the basis of the knowledge gathered from the literature, secondary and primary research, in order for Buġibba to survive as a tourist resort.
Description: EXECUTIVE M.B.A.
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