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Title: Obesity population at risk of COVID-19 complications
Authors: Cuschieri, Sarah
Grech, Stephan
Keywords: COVID-19 (Disease) -- Prevention
Obesity -- Risk factors
Respiratory infections -- Complications
Population -- Health aspects
Vitamin D deficiency
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: Cuschieri, S., & Grech, S. (2020). Obesity population at risk of COVID-19 complications. Global Health, Epidemiology and Genomics, 5, E6. doi:10.1017/gheg.2020.6
Abstract: Introduction: Global public health is challenged by two concurrent epidemics; COVID-19 and obesity. Considering the global prevalence of obesity, exploring relationships with COVID-19 are of clinical importance. The aim was to provide a comprehensive summary and recommendations on this relationship between COVID-19 and obesity. Method: A literature search was performed to prepare a narrative review of COVID-19 and obesity. Results: An obesity state promotes chronic inflammation, vitamin D deficiency, hinders immunity and causes mechanical lung compression. These increase susceptibilities to COVID-19 infection, complications including the requirement of invasive ventilation. Existing co-morbidities enhances these complications. Preventive measures of social distancing and self-isolation may increase stigmatisation and psychological deterrents. Hence, special recommendations targeting this vulnerable population are required. Conclusion: The obese population is a COVID-19 vulnerable group, requiring special attention during this pandemic to avoid complications and healthcare systems burden. Lacking COVID-19 vaccination, regular physical activity and a healthy diet are recommended with attention to mental health. A prolonged quarantine duration and administration of prophylactic vitamin D may be considered.
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