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Title: A European perspective on auditory processing disorder-current knowledge and future research focus
Authors: Iliadou, Vasiliki
Ptok, Martin
Grech, Helen
Raben Pedersen, Ellen
Brechmann, André
Deggouj, Naïma
Kiese-Himmel, Christiane
Sliwinska-Kowalska, Mariola
Nickisch, Andreas
Demanez, Laurent
Veuillet, Evelyne
Thai-Van, Hung
Sirimanna, Tony
Callimachou, Marina
Santarelli, Rosamaria
Kuske, Sandra
Barajas, Jose
Hedjever, Mladen
Konukseven, Ozlem
Veraguth, Dorothy
Stokkereit Mattsson, Tone
Martins, Jorge Humberto
Bamiou, Doris-Eva
Keywords: Word deafness -- Diagnosis
Word deafness
Word deafness in children
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Communicative disorders in children
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Frontiers
Citation: Iliadou, V. V., Ptok, M., Grech, H., Pedersen, E. R., Brechmann, A., Deggouj, N., ... & Bamiou, D. E. (2017). A European perspective on auditory processing disorder-current knowledge and future research focus. Frontiers in Neurology, 8, 622.
Abstract: Current notions of “hearing impairment,” as reflected in clinical audiological practice, do not acknowledge the needs of individuals who have normal hearing pure tone sensitivity but who experience auditory processing difficulties in everyday life that are indexed by reduced performance in other more sophisticated audiometric tests such as speech audiometry in noise or complex non-speech sound perception. This disorder, defined as “Auditory Processing Disorder” (APD) or “Central Auditory Processing Disorder” is classified in the current tenth version of the International Classification of diseases as H93.25 and in the forthcoming beta eleventh version. APDs may have detrimental effects on the affected individual, with low esteem, anxiety, and depression, and symptoms may remain into adulthood.
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