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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Central Mediterranean islands and satellite ports for ancient RomeGambin, Timmy
2009Underwater robots with sonar and smart tether for underground cistern mapping and explorationHiranandani, Daniel; White, Cory; Clark, Christopher M.; Gambin, Timmy; Buhagiar, Keith
2011Surface reconstruction of Maltese cisterns using ROV sonar data for archeological studyForney, Christina; Forrester, Jeffrey; Bagley, Brig; McVicker, William; White, Joe; Smith, Tyler; Batryn, Jennifer; Gonzalez, Andy; Lehr, Jane; Gambin, Timmy; Clark, Christopher M.; Wood, Zoe J.
2014Side scan sonar and the management of underwater cultural heritageGambin, Timmy
2017Islands on the moveGambin, Timmy
2013Reply to comment by C. Morhange, C. Flaux, P. A. Pirazzoli, M. B. Carre on Holocene sea level change in MaltaFurlani, Stefano; Antonioli, Fabrizio; Biolchi, Sara; Gambin, Timmy; Gauci, Ritienne; Presti, Valeria Lo; Anzidei, Marco; Devoto, Stefano; Palombo, Mariarita; Sulli, Attilio
2008Archaeology via underwater robots : mapping and localization within Maltese cistern systemsClark, Christopher M.; Olstad, Christopher S.; Buhagiar, Keith; Gambin, Timmy
2010The Malta cistern mapping project : underwater robot mapping and localization within ancient tunnel systemsWhite, Cory; Hiranandani, Daniel; Olstad, Christopher S.; Buhagiar, Keith; Gambin, Timmy; Clark, Christopher M.
20167300 years of vegetation history and climate for NW Malta : a Holocene perspectiveGambin, Belinda; Andrieu-Ponel, Valerie; Medail, Frederic; Marriner, Nick; Peyron, O.; Montade, Vincente; Gambin, Timmy; Morhange, Christophe; Belkacem, D.; Djamali, Morteza
2003The maritime heritage of Malta : past, present and futureGambin, Timmy