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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A walk through the port : a proposed heritage trail through the maritime landscape of BurmarradGambin, Timmy
2003The maritime heritage of Malta : past, present and futureGambin, Timmy
2014Side scan sonar and the management of underwater cultural heritageGambin, Timmy
2017AUV motion-planning for photogrammetric reconstruction of marine archaeological sitesViswanathan, Vaibhav K.; Lobo, Zayra; Lupanow, Jessica; Fock, Sebastian Seibert von; Wood, Zoe; Gambin, Timmy; Clark, Christopher
2015Underwater photogrammetry and object modeling : a case study of Xlendi Wreck in MaltaDrap, Pierre; Merad, Djamal; Hijazi, Bilal; Gaoua, Lamia; Nawaf, Mohamad Motasem; Saccone, Mauro; Chemisky, Bertrand; Seinturier, Julien; Sourisseau, Jean-Christophe; Gambin, Timmy; Castro, Filipe
2014Maritime activity and the divine - an overview of religious expression by Mediterranean seafarers, fishermen and travellersGambin, Timmy
2010Maritime links of chapels dedicated to St Paul in the Maltese IslandsGambin, Timmy
2012A drop in the ocean - Malta's trade in olive oil during the Roman periodGambin, Timmy
2009Underwater robots with sonar and smart tether for underground cistern mapping and explorationHiranandani, Daniel; White, Cory; Clark, Christopher M.; Gambin, Timmy; Buhagiar, Keith
2013Vegetation dynamics during the early to mid-Holocene transition in NW Malta, human impact versus climatic forcingDjamali, Morteza; Gambin, Belinda; Marriner, Nick; Andrieu-Ponel, Valerie; Gambin, Timmy; Gandouin, Emmanuel; Lanfranco, Sandro; Medail, Frederic; Pavon, Daniel; Ponel, Philippe; Morhange, Christophe