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Title: Integrating persons with special needs at work
Authors: Cauchi Rossignaud, Roberta
Keywords: Work -- Social aspects
Christian sociology -- Catholic Church
People with disabilities -- Employment
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: For the majority of the population, work plays a very important role in one’s life. This may include many years of studying and specialisation in a particular area, or the many hours dedicated each day to work to be able to earn one’s daily bread, or the contribution through work to science and progress. Many find personal fulfilment in their jobs and are able to live serenely thanks to the gratification which comes from the feeling of contribution that work gives them to be able to sustain their family and their contribution towards the wellbeing of society. The Catholic Church believes that work nourishes man’s being and benefits both man’s moral and social sphere. Work is extremely varied, and there are different working possibilities that are suitable to fit the capabilities of each individual person. We are all diverse each one of us with different capabilities to suit the many different working possibilities that exist, each working opportunity is important as each one is linked to another and one cannot do without the other. A person with special needs has the right to be included in the working environment too. This is a fundamental right which they too share and can participate in. The working dimension is always changing and fresh challenges are always presented. Though, up till a few decades ago it was not even imaginable for a person with special needs to be included amongst the working force of a country. Today, fortunately, the potential and benefit retained from participating in the working force of those who are able to sustain a job has been seen and acknowledged. Work strengthens one’s human dignity, even though unfortunately, it can also be a source of injustice and the cause of suffering. Catholic Social Teaching sustains the dignity and rights of those who work and it expresses its disapproval when the rights and dignity of workers are violated. The working situation of the world is constantly analyzed taking into account the different cultures and societies, and the social teaching of the Catholic Church tries to perceive the meaning of human work to include all humanity, the different nations, the family and every individual. It tries to contest social injustices and make others conscious of those happening around them. Man and his life in relation to society and the social morality that is derived from human work was always an important part of the Church’s social teaching which also finds support in the Sacred Scriptures. The Church is convinced that work is a fundamental dimension of man's existence on earth. Man has subdued the earth with his work; the development that was carried out by man during history is a proof of this and all the progress that came with it. It is a universal process and it embraces all human beings to participate and be co-creators with God’s creation. Everyone in one’s own proper way and in the many different possible ways is obliged to take part and ‘subdue the earth’ through one’s work, whilst keeping in line with God’s will to respect humanity and the earth itself.
Description: B.A.(HONS)THEOLOGY
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