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Title: The case for parole in Malta
Authors: Bugeja, Yanika Marie (2009)
Keywords: Parole -- Malta
Restorative justice -- Malta
Criminal law -- Malta
Criminals -- Rehabilitation -- Malta
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Bugeja, Y. M. (2009). The case for parole in Malta (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: The system of Parole is a system of an early release from prison. However, it should be differentiated from remission, or from any other form if early release. This is said because the system is discussion makes sure that even when the prisoner is out on parole, he is still supervised and monitored. Contrary to what many people think, the system of parole is not there to allow offenders do away with their criminal acts. On the contrary, it is a system whereby the rehabilitation of the offender is one of the priorities. I said priorities, because there are other things which are kept in mind. One of these things are the safety of the community. One cannot risk having dangerous persons running around with the rest of society. So one has to make sure to adopt adequate measures to reform the offenders. It is not disputed that wrong-doers should be punished for their acts, however, the most important thing is to teach these offenders that what they have done was not right and that now, they shall not relapse. So why isn't this system good for Malta? Are our present systems fool proof? The scope of this thesis is to look at the possibility of adopting this system to our own country. Our systems of early release from prison which we embrace will first be looked at. Then, the White Paper about reparative justice that is being proposed by the Government will be put under scrutiny. Before moving on to suggestions with regards to how the system should be employed in Malta if it were ever to be implemented, the parole system of England and Wales will be analysed in detail. This will be followed by scheme of how it should be put into effect in Malta. Finally, a draft legislation will be presented. Though the system of parole is not infallible either, we would have to look at the dress which best fits Malta and therefore, we would have to find a tailor-made system for us.
Description: LL.D.
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