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Title: P.P. Saydon's contribution to the study of Maltese language and literature
Authors: Bezzina, Carmel (1979)
Keywords: Maltese language
Issue Date: 1979
Citation: Bezzina, C. (1979). P.P. Saydon's contribution to the study of Maltese language and literature (Master's Dissertation).
Abstract: To the general reader, the mention of Professor Saydon brings to mind, perhaps, no more than the translation of the Holy Bible into Maltese. Although this is Saydon's major life's work, on which rests his chief claim to fame, it is too great an oversimplification to restrict this Maltese scholar's output solely to his Bible translationo His contribution to Maltese extends to various other fields of study. In this work an attempt is made to describe and briefly assess Saydon's contribution to the various branches of Maltese studies. This is admittedly too vast a subject, considering Saydon's prolific output, to be treated in such a limited work, and, I must confess, many a time throughout the course of my research have I been tempted to concentrate on some one particular aspect of Saydon's contribution and delve much more deeply into it. But since I wished to maintain unchanged the original title of my work, as given to me by Prof Aquilina late in 1972, when I had just finished my BoAo studies, and since research work about Saydon has been relatively limited, I decided to proceed further with my work and attempt to evaluate briefly, but as fully as possible, Saydon's contributiono To say that this work is a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of Saydon's output would be a vain presumption; it is, perhaps, one of the initial steps towards a complete evaluation of Saydon and it is hoped, other students and scholars will, in the future, examine in greater depth different aspects of Saydon's vast production.
Description: M.A.MALTESE
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