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Title: The effects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on women
Authors: Al-Arja, Rana (2006)
Keywords: Arab-Israeli conflict
Human rights
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Al-Arja, R. (2006). The effects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on women (Master's Dissertation).
Abstract: The study of the effects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on women researches in the effects of the conflict on Palestinian women and their rights in particular. It deals with the striving of Palestinian women for their liberation and attaining their political rights. Their ability to form their political status within the Palestinian society was studied, and how the conflict pushed them and awakened their awareness for their political rights and their participation in the Palestinian-Israeli struggle. The thesis also looked deeper in the violations committed by Israel for human rights and humanitarian laws and in specific women's right to health. Through the thesis I was able to reach to how Palestinian women were capable to strive for their liberation and attain some of their political rights within the Palestinian society throughout the conflict. However, women's right to health is totally violated by Israel and there are no applications of laws or human rights conventions in the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
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