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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977-05Ancient Europe is older than we thoughtRenfrew, Colin
2015-06Archaeoacoustic analysis of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum in MaltaDebertolis, Paolo; Coimbra, Fernando; Eneix, Linda
2017An archaeoacoustic study of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum on MaltaTill, Rupert
1992Archaeological parks and cultural tourism : a report on the Malta workshopBonanno, Anthony
1994ArchaeologyBonanno, Anthony
1982-04Archaeology : the importance of Tas-SilgBonanno, Anthony
2001Bir Mula HeritageVella, John
1993-05The Birgu peninsula in prehistoric and classical timesBonanno, Anthony
2004Bones and bowls : a preliminary interpretation of the faunal remains from the Punic levels in Area B, at the temple of Tas-Silg, MaltaCorrado, Andre; Bonanno, Anthony; Vella, Nicholas C.
1994The cart tracks at San Pawl tat-Targa, NaxxarVentura, Frank; Tanti, Tony
1990Conservazione e restauro dei templi megalitici preistorici maltesi : il progetto bilaterale di ricerca e risultanze delle prime missioni di studioCassar, JoAnn; Tampone, Gennaro; Vannucci, Sergio; Zezza, Fulvio
1995Contextual significance of ritual evidence in MaltaBonanno, Anthony
1957The Copper AgeBernabo Brea, Luigi
1966The Copper AgeTrump, David H.
1957The Copper Age : the Copper Age in the Aeolian IslandsBernabo Brea, Luigi
1972Cultural interactions in ancient Mediterranean historyMoscati, Sabatino; Galley, Micheline; Marshall, David R.
1993-12The death cults of prehistoric Malta : new archaeological excavations reveal that as the ancient island societies suffered from environmental decline, they developed an extreme religious preoccupation with life and deathMalone, Caroline; Bonanno, Anthony; Gouder, Tancred; Stoddart, Simon; Trump, David H.
2004Decoding the megalithsRose, Mark
1973Digging up the past in MaltaNational Museum of Malta
1997Din l-Art Helwa sponsors Malta’s first Summer School of Archaeology and excavations at Tas-SilgBonanno, Anthony; Frendo, Anthony J.