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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1961-03Tal-HagratMalta. Department of Information
1993-04Tarxien and Tarxien cemetery : break or continuity between Temple Period and Bronze Age in Malta?Bonanno, Anthony
1991Tarxien and the Xaghra circle : their place in Mediterranean proto-historyBonanno, Anthony
2013-06Tas-Silg : from prehistoric temple to Byzantine churchCardona, David
1988Tecniche costruttive dei templi megalitici MaltesiBonanno, Anthony
2016The temple builders of Malta : how an isolated island culture became Europe’s most sophisticated Neolithic civilizationPowell, Eric A.
1996Temple megalithism vs funerary megalithism : the case of the Maltese IslandsBonanno, Anthony
1981Two archaeological sites recently discovered at l-IklinBonanno, Anthony
2011Understanding the past : Borg in-Nadur in antiquarian and early archaeological literatureBugeja, Anton
1976Une ile et ses hypogees de l’ere des premiers chretiens : MalteBorg, Vincent
2016-12-31Unearthing the mysteries of the pastVassallo, Raphael; Bonanno, Anthony
2011Virtual reconstruction of the Borg in-Nadur megalithic templeStanco, Filippo; Tanasi, Davide; Cultrera, Dalma
1993-08Visitor impact on an underground prehistoric monument : the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, MaltaBonnici, Antonia; Cassar, JoAnn; Schembri, Patrick J.; Ventura, Frank J.
1964War and tradeTaylour, William
1991Water seepage in Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, Malta : tracing the source by chemical analysisVella, Alfred J.; Brincat, David; Copperstone, Sandra; Cassar, JoAnn
2018-09-19Wicc imb wicc mal-passatOrizzont
2007The work of making Malta : the Council of Europe's Archaeology and Planning Committee 1988-1996Willems, Willem J.H.
1961-06Ħaġar QimMalta. Department of Information